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Diego Forlan – 20 Questions, 20 Answers

1. What does football mean to you?
Football is a great sport, the one I most like playing. To he able to play and for it to be my job at the same time is a privilege.
2. Which club did you support as a child?
Penarol — my father played there — and Sao Paulo. Also Tndependiente in Buenos Aires because my grandfather played for them.
3. Did you ever have an idol?
I have had many role models both in sport and life in general, my father, my mother, my sister…
4. What is your fondest footballing memory?
There have been many: playing in the World Cup, playing at the Centenario stadium in Montevideo, derbies when I was at Independiente, being unveiled at Old Trafford, winning the league with Manchester United, coming third in the Spanish league with Villarreal, being top scorer in the Spanish league the same year and now playing at a big club like Atletico Madrid.
5. What has been your biggest disappointment
in football?
When we narrowly lost to Arsenal for a place in the UEFA Champions League final.
6. If you had not become a footbal er, what would you have become?
I have always liked tennis, 1 have played since I was 15 and 1 almost opted for it as a career. 1 would also have liked to have studied to become a lawyer or notary.
7. What is your favourite type of music?
I like all kinds of music.
8. And your favourite book?
I like the work of Jose Saramago and Gabriel Garcia Marqtiez.
9. Your favourite film? The Life of David Gale.
10. Which is your favourite city?
Several: Montevideo, Punta del Este and Buenos Aires.
11. What is your favourite food?
It’s difficult to choose just one: escalopes, roast meat and pasta.
12. What is your favourite hobby?
I like reading, watching films and spending time with my family.
13. What do you spend most of your money on?
14. What was your first job?
15. Who has been the most influential figure in world history?
Many people, from presidents to artists to musicians.
16. What are you scared of?
Global warming.
17. What was the most embarrassing moment in your life?
I don’t remember any in particular.
18. How do you see the future of he word?
It’s hard to say. Let’s hope that we try to look after the planet so that we can srart solving probiems that ate becoming greater and more persistent every day.
19. Where would you like to go on holiday?
I really like the seaside.
20. Whom would you most like to meet?
Only good people.