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Development Of The Programme

1. Group sessions
The group sessions held prior to the competition, as mentioned above, were carried out as follows:
• Formation of two separate groups in accordance with linguistic preferences (English or Spanish);
• Audiovisual presentation of topics relevant to the sports event;
• Daily practice in the hall;
• Rehearsals on the pitch;
• Open and participation-based methods.
The group sessions covered the following areas:
• Coping with stress;
• Adapting to concentration and competition requirements;
• Controlling internal dialogue;
• Relaxation and visualisation;
• Routines before and during the competition;
• Practice sessions on the football pitch;
• Preparation for the debut match.
2. Group work
As mentioned above, this section consisted of support for refereeing teams both the day befote officiating at a match and the day after. It was structured as follows:
1. Open consultation
2. Pre-match practice session
3. Close
1. Self-assessment
• Strengths
• Weaknesses
• Proposals for improvement
2. Post-match practice session
To implement the psychology programme, a series of special audiovisual materials was developed for use in the group sessions, as preparation aids and for individual use. It included audio recordings for relaxation and visualisation purposes, a manual for adapting to concentration and competition requirements and immediate post-match assessment of the referees’ own performances via DVD recordings.