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Derek Williams

In Mexico City, a look-alike of Swedish coach Sven-Goran Eriksson has been causing some confusion. The English comedian Derek Williams visited the city pretending to be Eriksson, Mexico’s new coach. For a long time, nobody picked up on the hoax. When Eriksson’s doppelganger turned up at the national stadium, he duped everyone into thinking he was the Swede. Not even the fact that he was accompanied on his tour of the stadium by two young women raised any suspicions. Williams took the prank too far by chatting briefly with Ricardo Ferretti, coach of Mexican first division club UNAM, and allowing himself to be photographed. “Eriksson” explained that he had come to look at some of Feretti’s players, who were training in the stadium. Williams had apparently sent forged documents to the Mexican association to enable the hoax. Immediately after Williams’ cover had been blown, the Mexican association issued a press statement claiming the stunt had shown “a complete lack of respect”.