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Dario Silva – Pure Joie De Vivre

On 23 September 2006, the Uruguayan striker Dario Silva was in a serious road accident. Miraculously, he survived, and although
part of his right leg had to be amputated, he is optimistic about the future, still involved in sport and dreaming of winning an Olympic medal … in rowing.
Still in a daze, when Dario Silva opened his eyes, he was unable to fully comprehend what had happened to him. He remembered that he had been driving through Montevideo in a pick-up truck with his friends Dardo and Elbio, but the white room in which he had woken up did not hear any resemblance to either of his friends’ houses. He got of bed from the left-hand side and began to put his shoes on, but when the time came to put his right shoe on, his confusion grew. Through the window he saw an ambulance and almost simultaneously he realised that although he could reel it. the lower part of his right leg was missing.
His sister’s tearful embrace brought him back to reality and he began to understand that his footballing career was over, that it was a miracle he had survived and that at 33 – he had to get on with his life.
“I lost that battle … bur when I look back I can’t complain: I played in Italy, Spain and England and scored goals everywhere I went. I also fulfilled my dream of playing at the World Cup,” he says, trying to see the positive side of the situation: “When the accident happened I was at the end of my career. It would have been different if it had happened when I was 20.”
It was a huge blow, but even that failed to deprive him of the cheeriness chat had characterised him during his time at Cagliari, Malaga, Espajnyol and Sevilla, where he left hundreds of friends who were later there to support him after the accident. Once he had understood what had happened, he even allowed himself a joke with the doctots who had saved his life: “You’ve amputated my leg so that I couldn’t sign for Nackmal,” he said with his tradematk grin, a reference to the eternal rivals of Penarol, the club where he first made his name. At the time of the accident, Silva was a free agent after leaving English club Portsmouth and he had been strongly linked with Kacional, a club from Montevideo.