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Chava – Popular Affection

However, it was not Europe but Mexico where fate decreed that Cabanas would enjoy one of the most successful periods in his career. During his three years at Jaguares de Chiapas, he became the club’s idol, scoring 59 goals in 104 marches. In fact, he only scored five goals in his first league championship campaign, the 2003 Apertura, and it was not until the 2004 Clausura that he came to prominence. Helped by unexpectedly good all-round team performances, Cabanas scored 15 goals, just one fewer than top scorers Bruno Marioni and Andres Silvera.
He was never going to be content with just missing out ori such an achievement, which finally came in the 2006 Clausura, when he netted 11 goals and shared the honour of top scorer with Sebastian Abreti, although Salvador had scored three more goals in the knockout stages. ”I was very well received in Chiapas. I was well loved by the people and I tried to give them my best. I had a very happy time there,” he says.
His performances, effectiveness, consistency and leadership at Jaguares made him one of the most prolific foreign players in Mexican football (which he continues to be, with 86 goals in 154 matches in Mexico) and prompted interest from his current club. America, in mid-2006.