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Charles Dempsey Is Mourned

FIFA and the worldwide football family are mourning Charles Dempsey (former member of the FIFA Executive Committee). The long-serving president of the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) died in New Zealand on 25 June at the age of 86. Dempsey was born in Scotland in 1922 and emigrated to New Zealand 30 years later. Joseph S. Blatter expressed his deep sympathy in a letter of condolence to the OFC. “We will remember him as a dedicated football personality and an extraordinary person, with great human qualities, who made an indelible mark on football and was an important actor in the development of football not only in Oceania, but as a member of the FIFA Executive Committee and various FIFA standing committees throughout the whole world. OFC President Reynald Temarii also praised Dempsey’s contribution and tireless commitment to football in Oceania.