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Cabanas – Stocky Build

He then proved that he was up to that particular challenge. In Cabanas, the Agitilas found the goal scoring prowess that they had been looking for. Besides being top scorer in last year’s Copa Lihertadores, he scored nine goals in both Mexican domestic league championships and was also on the scoresheei in the North American SuperLiga. His deadly finishing and his mobility in the area make him one of rhe most dangerous strikers around. Married with one son, Santiago (5), he is a man of few words who lends to be elusive with the press and not particularly effusive with the fans. It is all parr of his personality and also helps to explain why so little is known about him.
“I think that every player tries to contribute what he does best. In my case, it’s goals and teamwork. Those are the most important things for me,” says Cabanas, one of last year’s top goalscorers and whose ponycail, stocky build, character and range of finishing skills make him a distinctive figure and currently the world’s most famous Paraguayan.