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Stadium Bukit Jalil – Stadium On 76,000 Square Metres

“Ihe Bukit Jaiil National Stadium rises imposingly and almost abruptly from ground level and is spread across 76,000 square metres. The main entrance and surrounding areas are dotted with traditional Malay art carvi ngs while a giant kris — a Malay dagger — greets visitors.
Once inside, a jaw-dropping experience is guaranteed thanks to the classic bowl shape fully enhanced by the hidden lighting and multi-coloured seating pattern which create the visual impact of a fluttering Malaysian national flag. With all 100,000 seats under cover, the stadium is home to the Malaysian national teams and has hosted several important matches and tournaments over the years.
Etched firmly in public memory arc the 2001 South-East Asian Games, several Malaysia Cup and Malaysian FA Cup finals, the 2004 edition of popular regional tournament the Figer Cup, and, of course, the AEC Asian Cup in July 2007. The Brazilian national team (2002) and English Premier League giants Manchester United (2001) and Arsenal (2003) have also strutted their stuff at this stadium.
“When the stadium Is packed, the atmosphere Is wonderful – and can be quire intimidating for visiting teams,” says Anoush Bagheri, an Iranian who travelled all the way from Tehran LO see Team Melli In action in the AFC Asian Cup 2007.
fans like Bagheri can rest assured they will not be left bedraggled by one of the regular and intense Malaysian rain showers thanks to the spectacular roof which Is made of translucent polyurethane material and juts out enough to keep rhe stands dry.