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Brailovsky On Coaching

Racing stadium, Avellaneda, Argentina, 5 December 2007. America have the Copa Sudamericana in their grasp but lose out to Arsenal de Sarandi on the away goals rule. Brailovsky is on crutches after injuring himself during training. His coaching ideas certainly excite: “I would like my teams to be attacking, attractive and spectacular. Once the ball is rolling, it is very difficult to get them to do what you planned and practised, but the football that I want is designed to make fans return to the stadiums.” He praises the courage of his players while also acknowledging mentors such as Maspoli, Zurdo Lopez, Hector Veira, Ramos Delgado or Gitano Juarez and his conversations with Menotti, Bilardo and La Volpe.
He had spent the previous five years as a commentator on ESPN, but without coaching: “Probably because I had hardly any experience in Mexico. I don’t have any representatives and that prevented me from making approaches to certain club boards, until someone plucked up the courage and I was fortunate enough to be allowed in. When I retire I’m going to go back to television. I love transmitting to people what I see in a match.”
Alberto Daniel Brailovsky is sure to write new chapters in the history of his involvement in football.