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Blatter Immortalised On Stamp

On 20 September, FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter accepted an invitation from the International League of Humanists (ILH) to visit Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The ILH is an independent international association of humanists that strives for peace and democracy all around the world and in 2001, it bestowed the title of “Humanist of the Year” on the FIFA President. To mark its 30th anniversary, the association decided to create special postage stamps in honour of its award winners and the stamps for Juan Antonio Samaranch (former IOC President) and Blatter were unveiled on 20 September. In his address to the FIFA President, Mehmed Spaho, the President of the ILH Nominations Committee, said: “Thanks to football, you have created bridges between communities, countries and continents”. In response, Blatter said: “There are many leagues around the world, but I am particularly proud to belong to the ILH.”
In his role as an honorary ILH ambassador for sport, culture and peace, Blatter – together with Elisabeth Renn of the United Nations – presented awards to the following humanists: Vaclav Havel (first President of the Czech Republic), Milan Kucan (first President of Slovenia), Stjepan Mesic (second President of Croatia) and Kiro Gligorov (first President of FYR Macedonia).