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“Beau Jeu” UEFA Euro 2016

On November 12, 2015, Adidas revealed the match ball for the group stages of the upcoming UEFA Euro Championships. As if the football wasn’t enough on its own to make the football fans drool, Adidas chose French Legend Zinedine Zidane to present the ball in its opening ceremony.

If you’re wondering what “Beau Jeu” means, it translates to “beautiful game” in the French Language. Also at a time when both UEFA and FIFA are mired in controversies that have stunned them both, the unveiling of “Beau Jeu” football is a much-needed boost to their ailing hierarchies.

Looking at the shape of “Beau Jeu” and it is noticed by a large number of football fans that it resembles “Brazuca” in appearance. However, while Adidas have acknowledged the aforementioned fact, the Company has claimed that it has modified the surface structure as well as the panel shape of “Brazuca” to give it a new shape in the form of “Beau Jeu”.

Another thing which is worth mentioning about the “Beau Jeu” Football is the ability of FIFA to learn from its mistakes. Unlike its predecessor “Brazuca” which was handed to the teams on the verge of FIFA World Cup 2014 – a decision which caused a lot of problems, UEFA gave football teams the access to “Beau Jeu” at the end of last year.

How Players Rated “Beau Jeu”

Taking a look at the names of players who have trained with “Beau Jeu” some heavyweights come into the picture. Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale trained with “Beau Jeu” in training sessions and the Welshman claimed that it performed brilliantly and let’s not forget the fact that Bale will be the most powerful weapon for the Welsh National team in the upcoming tournament.

Another player who is an admirer of this football is the veteran Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas. While he might not be atop the pecking order for Spain in the upcoming Euros, Casillas has trained with “Beau Jeu” on several occasions during his stay at FC Porto last season.

Technical Specifications

In comparison to the “Brazuca” which had an opened diamond shape design across the panels, the “Beau Jeu” football has a closed variable dimpled design across the panels. While this is a minor difference for the naked human eye, Adidas believe that this difference will make “Beau Jeu” a whole lot different from its Brazilian counterpart.

Apart from the aforementioned difference – which isn’t very visible, to say the least, “Beau Jeu” has taken most of its features from the “Brazuca”. Being a speedy traveler through the air, this football is perfect for varying weather conditions and its durability is also impeccable.

One thing that is worth mentioning here is the graphic design on “Beau Jeu”. While we know by now that Adidas has given “Beau Jeu” a French look – as evident from the bluish shade that is engraved on the panels, the red and blue colors that are painted across the football are taken from the EURO 2016 logo. So, as far as winning the hearts of the home fans is concerned, Adidas has left no stone unturned.

Thus, if you feel enamored by the aforementioned description of the ball, I would suggest going to the market in search of it. Because if you plan to buy it after the advent of EURO 2016, the demand for this football is going to go through the roof which will also impact its price.

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