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An Array Of Document Types

FIDOM offers a wide variety of methods for launching a search. As with every search machine, the number of hits depends on the quality of the search. If you are looking for a needle in a haystack and only type in “Beckenbauer” in the search field, 1,300 results will be returned so you are well advised to refine your search. The fact that there are 67 different types of documents speaks volumes about the variety of papers dedicated to the subject of FIFA and football. They range from activity reports, the FIFA magazine, Laws of the Game, Statutes, media releases, regulations, books, to agendas and minutes of every single meeting held by the numerous FIFA committees. One can also search by date or using a certain event such as any of FIFAs tournaments or congresses. Another huge advantage of a document management system is the speed of access to documents, not to mention the benefit of remote availability. Whereas, years ago, searching for a certain document sometimes meant covering miles in order to rummage in files and archives, nowadays the information can be accessed reliably and almost instantaneously without leaving your desk.