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American Samoa – A Big Change

Much has changed since the. XII South Pacific Games. Gone is the American Samoa Football Association (ASFA), its place taken by the Football Federation of American Samoa (FTAS) following a founding congress called by the 27 clubs that make up the country’s football structure.
FIFA and the OFC had worked hard to provide a roadmap towards an elected administrative body in the country after years under a normalisation committee to restore professional administration to football in the country. Former Gommiuee chairperson Pou Supapo was delighted with developments over the past two years and Supapo oversaw a dramatic change in the way football is viewed in the territory. But the challenges were nor just football related; Supapo was seen as an interloper because she was a woman in a culture where there is a clear delineation of responsibility according to gender. Men make all the decisions,
women stay at home. ”People say everything is equal, but that is not the case in practice. At times I felt like walking away, but I wanted to change things for football in American Samoa. We have had political problems here for nearly ten years and it did place a .strain on my family and work,” she explained.