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Alberto Daniel Brailovsky

3. Israel 8 April 1987,
Municipal stadium, Brasov, Romania. Israel take their hosts by surprise with a goal from Brailovsky in the 19th minute. Ten months after leaving Mexico, Maccabi Haifa was his next destination, a club in a country with which he was already familiar. “I lived in Israel when I was a boy. I’m Jewish and I’m proud that people know it. That’s where the nickname ‘The Russian’ comes from. I was thrilled to be called up to the Israeli national team, it was a very special feeling.” He went on to play for Israel for two years.
An example of peace:
Municipal stadium, Kfar Kana, Israel, 1996. Brailovsky’s career as a technical director began with a proposal from second-division club Maccabi Kfar Kana. He said that he would take the job if Jews and Muslims were allowed to play together. A meeting was held in Kfar and the local population approved the idea. “It was a team whose aim was to stay up and we ended up being promoted to the national league. God showed the world that it is possible to live together; he puts you in the right place at the right time. It was a Muslim town with a stadium with capacity for two thousand. At the last matches there were another three thousand standing around the pitch. They made a special VIP box out of wood for my wife and daughter. Every night a different family would invite me to have dinner with them and I didn’t eat at home for almost that whole year.”