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Alberto Daniel Brailovsky

2. Argentina 22 August 1981, Luis Casanova stadium (now Mestalla), Valencia, Spain..An Argentina side featuring Diego Maradona are leading against Valencia thanks to a goal by Ramon Diaz, who makes way for Brailovsky in the 67’1′ minute. The match was part of a tour on which Argentina also raced Hercules, Barcelona and Fiorentina and which was intended to familiarise Cesar Luis Menotti’s side with the venues of the following year’s FIFA World Cup”. “Danny” had already been called up to face Argentinian regional sides. “I was very well received. Kempes, Passarella and Gallego always used to speak to me. They were world champions at the time, I didn’t expect them to be first to come up to me. I did very well, but Menotti didn’t take me to the World Cup.”
He returned to Buenos Aires after three years at Penarol. In 1980, he moved from All Boys to Independiente. “Julio Grondona convinced me; he said that 1 would get into the national team later on. Every word the president of the Argentinian football association and FIFA Vice-President spoke came true over the course of my career. I’m a great admirer of his.”
31 May 1986, Azteca stadium, Mexico City. The FIFA World Cup™, in which Brailovsky came close to playing, kicks off. His romance with Mexican club America had begun in 1982. “It’s my home. I am very grateful to Penarol because it’s where I was born in a football sense. All the clubs I played for gave me a lot, but America gave me more than I gave them because they shaped me as a person, as a player, because they never left me out, because the fans are always with me no matter what happens, even after so many years. I want to pay them back somehow.”
His vital goals helped America to three successive championships before his family became unsettled in September 1985 following two earthquakes. This prompted him to immediately move back to Buenos Aires with his wife Liana, who was eight months pregnant, and their young daughter, Jenny.
While he remained in Argentina coach Carlos Bilardo’s thoughts, Bora Milutinovic was also keen to call him up for Mexico. “It was something I had dreamt of, I thought of my daughter who had been born there and what it meant for an Argentinian to play at that World Cup in a Mexico shirt. I had the support of the people, the coach, the association, but it all evapotated the moment we stepped on the plane. I thought I would never return to Mexico.”