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Africa Cup Of Nations 2008 – The Best Cup Of Nations Ever

Egypt resisted the heat and humidity of Ghana, host of the 26th Africa Cup of Nations, and surprisingly defended their title. The tournament had spectacular games and some unpredictable results.
It was daylight when the first fireworks went offin Ghana during a colourful opening ceremony for the Africa Cup of Nations (CAN). At the end of the tournament, there was another torrent of noise as sparks rocketed into the night sky to mark some spectacular pageantry as the 26lh continental championship came to a close. But it was the in-between that really mattered … and there too, Ghana provided fireworks in abundance.
Indeed, the acclaim for the standard of football at the tournament was almost universal. It has reached an all-time high, the drama of the encounters, the pace of the game and the excitement engendered for the fans making for three weeks of pulsating action.