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AFC – October 2008

Twenty-five newly-qualified coaches from 17 AFC member associations will get employment contracts from their respective associations as part of the AFC’s AID-27 programme. As part of the integrated development strategy under Vision Asia, the AFC will fund the employment of coaches from the confederation’s “C” certificate courses held in conjunction with the five regional AFC U-14 Festivals of Football. Iraq and Tajikistan recently became the first associations to complete the procedures for their coaches. The AFC AID-27 programme provides financial assistance to 27 eligible member associations to employ coaches for all their non-senior national teams and for regional development programmes focused on grassroots and youth football. Currently 20 member associations are active in the scheme. Under the programme, the associations are obliged to send young participants to the coaching certificate courses held during the AFC Festivals of Football and subsequently to employ those who pass the course for a period of one year. This strategy is part of the AFC’s policy to identify potential future elite coaches at a young age and provide a path for their development. Only candidates who are former players and 30 years of age or less are entitled to participate in the coaching courses at the festivals. Apart from Iraq and Tajikistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, DPR Korea, Guam, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Syria, Uzbekistan and Yemen are set to benefit from this programme.
Football’s community spirit came to the fore recently in Chengdu when a friendly match organised by the Chengdu City League raised funds for the Sichuan earthquake relief operations. The disaster last May saw 69,197 people confirmed dead and 374,176 injured. The match was played between the “All-Star South” and “All-Star North” with three players each from the 12 Chengdu League clubs showing off their skills in front of a sizeable crowd. The team from the South won 4-1 but the biggest incentive was the collection by the fans and players of RMB 7,650 (USD 1,100) which were given for the relief and rebuilding operations in Sichuan.