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Adidas Tango 12: Euro 2012

adidas-tango-12-ballRemembering the tradition of the tango balls which were used in the 80’s International tournaments, Adidas decided to renovate the famous ancient Tango design in the Tango 12 match ball. This ball was used in the UEFA Euro 2012 which was held in Poland and Ukraine.
When they created this ball, Adidas wanted to escape the criticism which was directed at them in the previous World Cup.
Adidas Jabulani – official match ball of 2010 FIFA World Cup, had a wicked airborne movement which was criticized by players and fans alike. In addition, its weight and speed made the task of saving incoming shots nearly impossible for the goalkeepers.
Therefore, after researching for two years to produce the goods, Adidas came up with the design of Tango 12. Adidas claimed that at the time of its unveiling – Adidas Tango 12 was the “most and best” tested ball in its history.
Comprising of 32 plastic panels, a butyl rubber bladder, and a woven carcass, this ball weighs 15 ounces with a circumference of around 27in. The 32 panels used in its construction were a stark contrast to the Adidas Jabulani which had 8 3D panels.
In order to give this ball a local touch, Adidas decided to integrate into its design three graphics to celebrate the art of paper cutting. These three graphics epitomized the concepts of unity, faith, and discipline.
The outline of this ball was drawn to represent the flags of the two host nations – Poland and Ukraine. Talking about the design, each panel of the ball was covered with a grip texture to support the boot to ball contact.
A new bladder was added to this ball in an effort to increase its air retention and decrease the water intake.

UEFA Euro 2012 – which was the 14th European Championship, was held in Poland and Ukraine from 8th June – 1st July. This tournament comprised of 16 teams, 14 of them came to this tournament after playing qualifying. The hosts Poland and Ukraine were given a wild card entry.
One thing that would differentiate Euro 2012 from its successors was the format. Since being introduced in the 1996 European Championship, all the European Championship including Euro 2012 comprised of 16 teams.
However, in the buildup to this tournament, Adidas decided that Euro 2016 would comprise of 24 teams.
This tournament was an epitome of success as it included the highest ever attendance for a 16-game tournament. Eight venues were chosen to stage the tournament and five new stadiums were built.
This tournament completed the dominance of Spain over the world of football as the Spaniards won their 3rd European Championship. Under the tutelage of Vincent Del Bosque, Spain won the title without losing a single game in the whole of the tournament.
Due to his brilliant performances in the Spanish midfield, Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta was named as the Man of the Tournament.