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Adidas ICON: Women’s World Cup 1999

adidas-icon-ball Adidas Icon was the official match ball of the 1999 Women’s World Cup which was held in the USA. This ball had many unique characteristics, none so more than it was the first ball which was specially designed for any of the Women’s World Cups.
In the construction of this ball, Adidas employed the same technology which had proved to be highly popular in the preceding Men’s World Cup which took place in 1998.
However, while the construction was same, the exterior design of this ball couldn’t have been more different from the Tricolor – the one used in France 1998.
Exterior Design
Looking at is exterior design and Adidas used different combinations to decorate it. These combinations – which were described as “icons” by Adidas, were used to give this ball a touch of the host nation US.
These icons represented the eight cities which hosted the tournament including San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Portland and Boston.
Another thing which differentiated this ball from its predecessor was the Adidas Equipment Logo. While the normal Adidas logo looks like three flowers or trefoil as Adidas puts it, the equipment logo consists of three bars. This logo is emblazoned on some of the finest quality equipment which Adidas sells.
In designing this ball, Adidas decided to stay loyal with the syntactic foam technology that had paid them dividends a year ago, in France. Basically composite materials, syntactic foams are made by hollow particles known as micro balloons.
When put in the inner layer of the football, these micro balloons evenly distribute the impact of the shot, making the ball stable in midair. As a result of stable mid-air movement, this ball was praised highly by the goalkeepers.
Moreover, due to their highly compressed structure, the rebounding characteristics of balls which are made from syntactic foam are also brilliant.
Lastly, the rigid structure of syntactic foam increases the accuracy of long range shots, making this ball a must-have for the strikers.
FIFA World Cup 1999
Being the 3rd edition of FIFA Women’s World Cup, the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup was held in the United States. This tournament enjoyed huge success, as evident from the masses which came out to watch the game.
Since football isn’t the most favorite game of the Americans, it was feared in the buildup that this point could dent the publicity of this tournament. However, as evident from the 90,185 people which came out to watch the final – which was played between the host nation and China, this tournament enjoyed unprecedented success in the realm of women’s sports.
However, for the masses who came out to watch the final, they were “entertained” by a goalless 120-minutes. Afterward, the match went on to penalties which on which U.S. won.