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Adidas Euro Pass: Euro 2008

adidas-euro-pass-ball Adidas Euro Pass was the official match ball of the 2008 European Championship which took place in Austria and Switzerland. This ball was unveiled in the Group draws for the Euro 2008, which took place at Lucerne in December 2007.
Prior to its introduction at the European Championship, this ball has undergone a myriad of tests in the Loughborough University, England. In order to ensure the quality of this ball, Adidas tested it in their own laboratory in Scheinfeld.
Similar to the +Teamgeist ball and Adidas Rotiero – the official match balls of 2006 FIFA World Cup and 2004 Euros respectively, Adidas maintained its tradition of adding a local touch to its balls. The name of the ball “Euro Pass” was one effort to do so as it represented the pass between the host nations.
Moreover, in an effort to give this ball an Austrian-Swiss look, Adidas integrated the National flags of the host nations in the design of this ball.

If you look closely at the outer appearance of this ball, you might notice that Adidas honored the tradition of ancient footballs in the construction of Euro pass. With a white base color and the black dots on it, Adidas lured the memories of the ancient balls.
However, it won’t be reasonable if we suggest that this ball possessed no hint of technology. As, in the manufacture of this ball, Adidas employed the Thermal Bonding technology to give this ball smoother outlook and perfect handling traits.
Thanks to this technology, the airborne movement as well as the accuracy of this ball made this ball an immediate fan favorite.
Adidas employed a 14-panel configuration in the construction of this ball. As a result of this configuration, the total length occupied by the panel lines was decreased by over 15%.
The ball was coated with “pimples” on the same principles of aerodynamics which are regularly used in the construction of golf balls.
Also, while the former balls catered the demands of the forward players, Euro Pass honored the goalkeeper by providing a brilliant grip between the ball and the grip.
However, despite their efforts, the ball was criticized by some goalkeepers during the tournament.
One of the goalkeepers was Czech Republic’s Petr Cech who stated that this ball “is not the keeper’s friend”. Former Arsenal goalkeeper also lamented the airborne movement of this ball.
European Championship 2008
As stated earlier, UEFA Euro 2008 was held in Austria and Switzerland. This tournament kicked off the domination of Spain over the World football. After winning this tournament, Spain kicked off a winning spree in which they clinched 2010 FIFA World Cup and 2012 UEFA Euros.
Of the 16 teams that featured in this tournament, Germany and Italy were the favorites to lift the title. Germany allowed their reputation to remain intact by qualifying for the Final where they met Spain.
The Final was staged in Ernst-Happel-Stadion, Vienna in front of a near-capacity crowd of almost 52,000 spectators. Fernando Torres earned the Man of the Match award after scoring the winning goal for Spain in the 33rd minute of the first half.