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A Team Of Young Players

A team of young women international players celebrated an unusual victory in Auckland in June. The 15- to 18-year-olds beat their opponents – a group of men and women from various backgrounds – with an emphatic 6-0 result during a Corn-Unity seminar organised by FIFA. The losers even featured three former women internationals, who had been lecturing at the Corn-Unity event – New Zealand’s Michele Cox (head of women’s football at New Zealand Soccer), Germany’s Doris Fitschen (144 caps, three-time European champion, now working in the German football association’s marketing department) and the USA’s Brandi Chastain (twofold world champion and twice Olympic gold medallist, now working primarily as an ambassador for women’s football in her home country). Whereas Cox and Fitschen called it a day long ago and now play only for fun, Chastain is still toying with the idea of continuing her career. Having turned 39 in July and become a mother last year, she would still like to fulfil two wishes as a footballer. “I would like to play at least another three internationals so that I can hit the 200 mark,” she declared. “Apart from that, I would like to join the women’s professional league, WUSA, which will soon be starting again.” Chastain lives with her husband and son in San Jose, California, which has a WUSA club, but at the time of going to press Chastain had not yet received an offer.