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Brazil and Columbia are the two South American member associations that formally expressed to FIFA their interest in hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup TM by the 18 December 2996 deadline.
The official bidding process was launched by the FIFA Executive Committee at its meeting on 5 – 6 December 2006, where it was confirmed that the initial step to host FIFA’s flagship event would be the submission of a formal “Declaration of interest” form to FIFA. On 13 December, the Brazilian football association (CBF) became the first association to present this document officially, whereas the Colombian football association (COLFUTBOL) submitted its form on 18 December.
In accordance with the rotation policy established by the FIFA Executive Committee in September 2002, only associations from the South American continent were invited to submit their declarations of interest. FIFA will soon present both associations with documentation outlining requirements and timelines pertaining to their candidatures.