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Jean-Philippe Delpech (comedian, Le Trimaran company):
”After I finished my career as a footballer. I wanted to pass on and to share what I had experienced. I was captivated by Le Trimaran’s ideas. We do similar work. Now we realize how useful each of our initiatives is. Young people need to understand. They are very demanding and they also have a lot to say. Our relationship is based on exchanging viewpoints and it’s a very enriching experience.”

Rene Charrier (vice-president of the UNFP, member of FFF Federal Council):
“I have known Stephane Tournu-Romain for about twenty years. Apart from my personal help, the entire union that I represent, the National Union of Professional Footballers, supports his work as we revere the values that he stands for in his shows. That is why the UNFP has been at his side ever since he created Time for Football.”

Raymond Domenech (national coach of France):
“Stephane Tournu-Romain’s shows are remarkable because they give children who have had a rough deal in life the opportunity to experience success. And football acts as a support. Even children who can’t read have been involved in acting. It was a sensational feeling after every performance to see the children yelling for joy. When the audience applauded and cheered, they suddenly realized they had achieved something worthwhile and wonderful.”