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Women’s World Cup in China from the inside

Women’s World Cup in China from the inside
(Star Chinese player Han Duan)

Question: Which club do you play for in China?
Han Duan: Dalian (since 1999)

Question: What is your position?
Han Duan: Striker.

Question: How many caps do you have?
Han Duan: Over 100.

Question: How many goals have you scored?
Han Duan: Over 60.

Question: What is your height and weight?
Han Duan: 170 cm and 60 kg respectively.

Question: Who is your favourite player?
Han Duan: Maia Jackman.

Question: How do you feel about the Women’s World Cup being held in China?
Han Duan: We want to win the World Cup for China – we dream of this.

Question: What does it mean to you to play in front of a home crowd?
Han Duan: With the support of our fans, who are very passionate, we will of course play with more enthusiasm for the game. The more they support us, the better we will get.

Question: How are you preparing personally for the World Cup?
Han Duan: I have already been to a World Cup and the Olympics so the main thing now is to remain relaxed and focused and not put too much pressure on myself. I also want to make more progress on my skills so that I just get better and better.

Question: What will be different about this World Cup?
Han Duan: Our fans are really fantastic and very special, and of course, our country is unique.

Question: What do you think of the group you have drawn (China, Brazil, Denmark, New Zealand)?
Han Duan: They are all physically very strong and will be tough matches.

Questions: Who will be the teams to beat?
Han Duan: All of the teams are strong. It would be a mistake not to prepare seriously for all of the teams at the World Cup.