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General recommendations for disease prevention and treatment:
Generally men and women of all ages are advised to do at least half an hour of medium-intensity exercise a day – enough to make you slightly breathless, without having to break sweat. Most everyday activities, such as brisk walking, cycling, shoveling snow and gardening, will suffice. This corresponds to an additional calorie burn of 1,000 kilocalories a week.
If you wish to do more for yourself and your health, you should do additional training to increase your stamina, strength and flexibility (at least three 20-60 minute session per week at a level of exertion that makes you sweat slightly and increases your breathing rate). All movement-intensive sports, such as running, cycling, swimming, and, of course, football are suitable. Men over 40, women over 50 and people with known cardiovascular disease or risk factors should consult a doctor before commencing any sporting activity.
Children and adolescents: adolescents in their final years of school should exercise for a least an hour a day, younger children for significantly longer.