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Vicente from Spanish Valencia

Vicente from Valencia will be out of action for up to six weeks after getting a opinion on a thigh injury.

The Spain international said he had lost confidence in the Primera Liga club’s medical staff after he was told that his problems were psychological.

Vicente travelled to Madrid on Thursday with Valencia’s head of medical services Antonio Giner to visit specialist Pedro Guillen.

Some time ago he had a tear in the thigh muscle and the scar is the cause of the pain. He will need treatment that will surely go well, although he won’t be able to play for about four weeks, Guillen said.

His ankles are fine. There is only a slight swelling.

Valencia, who intend to start disciplinary proceedings against Vicente for his criticism of the club’s medical staff, said: The medical services want to make clear they have never said over this or previous injuries suffered by Vicente, that they were psychological in origin.