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The fame of a name

Hardly any company has had such a spectacular lift-off over the past 20 years as Red Bull. Since it was introduced to the market in February 1987, the sweet energy drink has become a cult brand with worldwide fame. Over three billion cans were sold in 2006 – an increase in turnover of 22.9 per cent compared with the previous year. One of the reasons for its astonishing success is its aggressive marketing strategy. One-third of all Red Bull profit is reinvested in advertising. In the early years Dietrich Mateschitz concentrated on trend sports with snowboarders, surfers, basejumpers and other action men and women as his advertising vehicles.
In the meantime, Mateschitz, an enthusiastic pilot who owns an enviable fleet of jets, helicopters and other flying machines and founded the legendary Hangar Seven in Salzburg, has discovered a taste of team sports. In addition to the two football clubs, the 62-year-old also funds the Red Bulls ice hockey team. The company also owns two Formula 1 racing teams (Red Bull racing, Toro Rosso) that he hopes will be competing for the world title at some time in future.
Mateschitz is just as much an icon as the drink he sells. The billionaire constantly walks about with a designer beard and sports a leather jacket. He avoids wearing ties, appearing in public, accepting awards and in the gossip columns as much as possible. The US magazine “Forbes” rates the Austrian as one of the 350 wealthiest men in the world.