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Sugar and emeralds

Whereas teams are known by their colors in South America, other criteria are used in the CONCACAF zone. The nicknames of teams from the Caribbean are influenced by the area’s most famous national side, the “Reggae Boyz” of Jamaica, whose name is a tribute to the music that Bob Marley exported from his native land to the rest of the world.
This has led to the christening of Antigua and Barduba as the “Wadadli Boyz” (Wadadli being a dance), whereas the Bahamas are known as the “Rake and Scrape Boyz” and Bermuda call themselves the “Gombey Warriors”, also in honor of traditional dances. Famous for its spices, Grenada is the to the “Spice Boys”, St Kitts and Nevis are the “Sugar Boyz” and last but not least, Trinidad and Tobago are the “Soca Warriors” (soca being a musical genre hailing from these islands).
Not far from the Caribbean, the national football teams of Central America have adopted the nicknames used to describe their countries’ inhabitants, hence “los Ticos” of Costa Rica, “los Cuscatlecos” or “Guanacos” of El Salvador, “los Chapines” of Guatemala, “los Catrachos” of Honduras, “los Pinoleros” of Nicaragua, “los Canaleros” of Panama and “los Quisueyanos” of the Dominican Republic.