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Strength and power

In other cases, most notably in European countries, the name used are more staid and teams are simply known as the “the national side” or “selection”. Consequently, although Spain are known in other countries as “La Furia Roja” (“the Red Fury”), at home they are simply referred to as “la Seleccion”. This is also the case of Italy, who are better known by Italian people as “la Nazionale” than as the “Squadra Azzurra” or the “Azzurri”.
The group of teams known simply as the “the national side” or “selection” includes Germany (“Mannschaft” or “Nationalelf”), Switzerland (“Nati”), the Ukraine (“Sbirna”), Russia (“Sbornaya”), the USA (“the Nats”), Slovenia (“Reprezentanca”), Hungary (“Valogatott”), Norway (“Landslaget”), Lithuania (“Rinktine”), Iran (“Team Melli”), Mongolia (“Shegshee”), Myanmar (“Latywesinahthin”), the Netherlands Antilles (“e Selekshon”), Surinam (“A-Selektie”), Fiji (Timi ni viti”) and Papua New Guinea (“Nesenol Tim”).