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Stephen Appiah

20 Questions – 20 Answers:
Stephen Appiah

1. What does football means to you?
Stephen Appiah: it is number two after my family.
2. Which club did you support as a child?
Stephen Appiah: Ghana’s top club Hearts of Oak.
3. Did you ever have an idol?
Stephen Appiah: Yeas. Abedi Pele, the three-time African Footballer of the Year and former olympique Marseille star.
4. What is your fondest footballing memory?
Stephen Appiah: When I played for Ghana on 8 October 2005 and we beat Cape Verde 4-0 in Praia to qualify for our first World Cup, the 2006 FIFA World Cup TM in Germany.
5. What has been your biggest disappointment in football?
Stephen Appiah: In the 2005-06 season my team Fenerbahce was on top of the league table until the last day when we drew and our arch-rivals Galatasaray won their game to win the Turkish league title.
6. If you had not become a professional footballer, what would you have become?
Stephen Appiah: Perhaps I would have followed my father’s ambition for me to be a doctor.
7.What is your favorite type of music?
Stephen Appiah: Hip hop, R & B and reggae as well as Ghanian hiplife music.
8.And your favorite book?
Stephen Appiah: The Best British Mysteries III.
9.Your favorite film?
Stephen Appiah: I like Nigerian films a lot by my favourite film is Scareface.
10.Your favorite city?
Stephen Appiah: Accra.
11.What is your favorite food?
Stephen Appiah: The Ghanian food called Banku and Okra stew.
12.What is your favorite hobby?
Stephen Appiah: Basketball.
13.What do you spend most of your money on?
Stephen Appiah: Things to secure the future of my children.
14.What was your first job?
Stephen Appiah: Football player.
15. Who has been the most influential figure in world history?
Stephen Appiah: I would like to mention two – Kofi Annan and Nelson Mandela.
16. What are you afraid of?
Stephen Appiah: Animals.
17.What was the most embarrassing moment in your life?
Stephen Appiah: When I was 13, I was dropped from a regional U-15 squad for unknowingly taking the coach’s seat on the team bus and this prompted spontaneous laughter from my colleagues I wept.
18.How do you see the future of the world?
Stephen Appiah: I think if we appreciate the differences between us as human beings the world will be a peaceful place for us to live in.
19.Where would you like to go on holiday?
Stephen Appiah: I have been to Dubai and I want to go there again.
20.Whom would you most like to meet?
Stephen Appiah: I spoke with Kofi Annan on the phone during last year’s World Cup in Germany but I want to meet him face to face.