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CBF President Ricardo Teixeira: “We’re representing a big nation. It’s almost as if we had close on 200 million people with us here. Everyone in Brazil is delighted about this bid. Brazil is a very successful sporting nation, which has won five World Cups. It would be an honour and a pleasure for us to host the tournament.”
Bid director Rui Rodrigues: “We have a hard few months ahead of us. Our preparatory work has been good, but from here on in there will be a lot more to do. We’re all working together as a very precisely coordinated team, the result of a long process of interaction at various levels. Now FIFA has to take a look at it all. The fact that Brazil is the only candidate doesn’t make it any easier. We have to measure ourselves against previous tournaments, and the bar has been set very high. We’re committed, we have the heart and we’re ready for it. Brazil will take a great step forwards if we are allowed to host the World Cup. The timing is right, we’re a young nation and this will be our century. 2014 is the future we’ve been waiting for.” 1994 FIFA World Cup™ winner Romario: “We Brazilians love football. Sport is incredibly important, it’s a passion we live and breathe. Basically, all Brazilians play football, it’s part of our lives. We’re confident that we’ll be ready for the tournament. There’s a lot of work ahead, but Brazilians are hard workers. This is something everyone will gain from.” Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho: “The World Cup, and football in general, is the most important thing in the world. It’s competition, passion and love, all combined in an amicable atmosphere. I’m here as a Brazilian and as a football fan. We saw in Germany how a World Cup can change the face of an entire country. We in Brazil will also be able to infuse the tournament with progress.”