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Pele p.3

Pele spent a considerable amount of his time in New York talking to the Mundial Group’s education specialists, discussing the programme and working with them to make sure it has the maximum support. “Today is the kick-off; then, we’ll go to South America, we’ll go to Europe, we’ll go to the world with this programme,” he declared.
As the formal announcement event began to wind down, Pele raised the concept of advocacy to a new level, personally imploring everyone in attendance to become part of the exciting initiative. Speaking in English and in Spanish, the soccer legend said, “I ask you to be aware of what happens with education all around the world. The criminal behaviour, the violence all around us is because we don’t pay attention to the youth. If you give education to them, we are sure to have a better world in the future. That is my wish.”
Powerful words from one of world sport’s most powerful spokesmen, the same man who told 80,000 fans at his 1977 farewell match to “say with me three times for the kids: love, love, love!” More than a quarter of a century may have passed, but Edson Arantes do Nascimento, the fabled Pele, has never given up on his vision for youth and now he has renewed it dramatically with his support for Read Futbol Mundial.