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One day in July

1 July 1912
Gottfried Fuchs bangs in ten goals in Germany’s 16-0 victory over Russia in the consolation tournament of the Stockholm Olympic Games. The German player’s goalscoring feat equals the record set in an international match by Denmark’s Sophus Nielsen in his country’s 17-1 victory over France four years earlier.

1 July 1971
The period for registering for the 1974 FIFA World Cup TM closes with entries from 95 countries.

5 July 1984
60,000 fans pack the San Paolo stadium in Naples for the unveiling of Diego Maradona, who arrived by helicopter and delights the public with his unique ball skills.

6 July 1982
The day after scoring a hat trick against Brazil in the 1982 FIFA World Cup TM in Spain, Italy’s Paolo Rossi is awarded the honour of ?Commendatore de la Repubblica’ by his country.

7 July 1912
The first ever “Fla-Flu” derby match between Flamengo and Fluminense takes place at the Laranjeiras stadium in Rio de Janeiro and ends in a 3-2 victory for Fluminense.

11 July 1971
Pele scores his final goal for the Brazilian national team in a 1-1 draw against Austria.

15 July 1970
In an unofficial tournament, the Danish women’s national team proclaim themselves world champions after beating Italy 2-0 in front of 40,000 fans in Turin.

16 July 1971
Oleg Blokhin makes his debut for the USSR in a 1-1 draw against Finland. He will go on to become the first player to win 100 caps for the Soviet Union.

20 July 1929
The Uruguayan football association invites Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia to take part in the first ever FIFA World Cup TM.

20 July 1968
Swaziland play their first ever international match, a 2-0 win over Malawi.

21 July 1929
The first stone of the Centenario stadium in Montevideo (Uruguay) is laid. Nineteen years later to the day, the construction of the Maracana stadium begins in Rio de Janeiro.

23 July 1904
New Zealand play their first ever international, against the New South Wales state team from Australia in Auckland.

29 July 1948
The Faroe Islands beat the Schetland Islands 4-1 at home to win the second ever Adam Shield (the first was held in 1935).

30 July 1913
The King of Spain grants the Spanish football association the title of “royal”.

31 July 1948
India make their international debut in a 2-1 defeat against France during the 1948 Olympic Games in London.

31 July 1983
The following advertisement appears in the ?El Deber’ newspaper of Santa Cruz, Bolivia: “I wish to apologize to the fans of Club Oriente Petrolero, the general public and the press for my behaviour during the Oriente Petrolero – Aurora match, which will not happen again. Luis Enrique Padilla, player.”