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Juan Sebastian Veron

Juan Sebastian Veron

Born 9 March in La Plata (Buenos Aires Province, Argentina)
Nationality: Argentinian
Height: 1.86m
Weight: 80 kg
Position: Midfielder
Clubs: 1993-1996: Estudiantes de la Plata (Argentina), 1996: Boca Juniors (Argentina). 1996-1998: Sampdoria (Italy). 1998-1999: Parma (Italy). 1999-2001: Lazio (Italy). 2001-2003: Manchester United (England). 2003-2004: Chelsea (England). 2004-2006: Inter Milan (Italy). Since July 2006: Estudiantes da la Plata (Argentina).
Honours: Played in two FIFA World Cup (1998 and 2002). Winner of the UEFA Cup and one European Super Cup (both 1990), two Italian league titles (2000 and 2006), one English Premiership title (2003), one Argentinian Apertura title (2006), four Italian cups (1999, 2000, 2005 and 2006) and two Italian super cups (2000 and 2005). 58 caps for Argentina, 9 goals.
Miscellaneous: Veron is the son of former professional footballe Juan Ramon Veron, who also played for Estudiantes de la Plata and was nicknamed “la Bruja” (“the Witch”), hence Juan Sebastian’s nickname “la Brujita” (“the little Witch”). One of his plans for the future is to become president of Estudiantes de la Plata.

20 Questions – 20 Answers:

1. What does football means to you?
Juan Sebastian Veron: It’s a way of life.
2. Which club did you support as a child?
Juan Sebastian Veron: I have always supported Estudiantes de la Plata.
3. Did you ever have an idol?
Juan Sebastian Veron: Yes, my father, Juan Ramon Veron.
4. What is your fondest footballing memory?
Juan Sebastian Veron: The first title I won at Parma.
5. What has been your biggest disappointment in football?
Juan Sebastian Veron: Not having won anything with the Argentinian national team.
6. If you had not become a professional footballer, what would you have become?
Juan Sebastian Veron: A PE teacher.
7.What is your favorite type of music?
All kinds, I like music a lot.
8.And your favorite book?
I like biographies.
9.Your favorite film?
“The Untouchables”
10.Your favorite city?
11.What is your favorite food?
A typical Argentinian roast.
12.What is your favorite hobby?
Spending a day in the country with my family.
13.Who is the best player in the world right now?
14.What was your first job?
Tyre mechanic at a friend’s tyre repair shop.
15. Who has been the most influential person in world?
Albert Einstein.
16. What are you scared of?
17.What was the most embarrassing moment in your life?

18.How do you see the future of the world?
19.Where would you like to go on holiday?
The Bahamas.
20.Whom would you most like to meet?
I would like to have met Che Guevara and Mother Teresa.

Yes Or No?
Are you a patient? Yes.
Are you superstitious? Yes.
Are you happy with your salary? Yes.
Is the quality of football better today than twenty years ago? No.
Would you like to coach one day? No.