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Compared with the enormous benefits, the risk of sustaining an injury (through overuse) when engaging in the in the recommended activity appears low. The number of overuse injuries of the locomotor system increases only at a high training volume. In addition, the risk of injury can be reduced by various measures, especially in football. “ The FIFA Medical Assessment and Research Center (F-MARC) has been addressing the issue of injury prevention for many years to ensure people can derive maximum enjoyment and benefit from football,” says Professor Dvorak. “With clear rules, fair play a careful warm-up routine and suitable equipment, much can be achieved, especially in amateur and recreational football.”
As a general rule, the risks involved in physical activity for recreational footballer represent far less of a danger than the much greater threat posed by lack of exercise and are usually over-estimated.
Although few people can become rich and famous through football, everyone can become and stay physically and mentally healthy, and do so with fun and passion. Football can, not only make the world a better place, it can also make it a healthier one. So stay on the ball.