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Goycocheas embarrassing moment

Embarrassing moment?
These days, the likable Goyco is kept away from football by his other commitments. His time is divided between his television programme, charity work and workshops for business, where he delivers lectures on “decision-making” and “adapting to change”, two subjects he has experienced first-hand. Furthermore, when Maradona’s health permits him to do so, Goyco accompanies him on trips to promote the game of showball, a fast version of football on a pitch with a perimeter wall that prevents the ball from ever going out of play. That said, he is currently mainly focused on being a television presenter: “Over the past three years, the programme has visited a different corner of the globe every week. As a footballer I traveled a lot, but now I not only travel, but I’m also familiar with the places I go. We’ve already been to 250 cities in 35 countries.”
The new roving reporter Goycochea now carries in his bags thousands of stories from places that are old, new, fun, sacred, extravagant or historic. The place that made the biggest impression on him was Berlin: “I did one report from an Old Second World War bunker where you could really sense its history. I’m sure I would never have visited it as a footballer and probably not a tourist either. In Berlin you have Hitler, the Second World War, the Cold War and the fall of the Berlin Wall, all in the space of 60 years. It brings you into very close contact with contemporary history. Another unforgettable place was Morocco, which I found to be a very exotic and beautiful country.”
In the next few months, he will fulfil his dream of visiting the Great Wall of China: “I’ve always wanted to go there and have never been able to. We will also broadcast from Russia, another fascinating country.” He is gradually building up a host of memories and thanks to his natural charm, thousands of Argentinians are able to learn about unique countries and landscapes that may otherwise be beyond their reach, such as New Zealand, Egypt, Cuba and India. There are also other places he will never forget, but not exactly for his performance in front of the camera: “The most enjoyable report we’ve done was from Istanbul: we went to a traditional Turkish bath and a great big Turk got hold of me to give me a massage and started pummeling me like mad in the midst of steam, and there was me, almost defenceless in front of the camera with a towel around my waist … It was a good experience though,” he says laughing.
Any embarrassing moments? “In Jujuy, in the north of Argentina. I was going to finish a report by taking part in an extreme sport. I wanted to do a bungee jump and since we were not due to film until five in the afternoon, I had some lunch, but then because the wind changed, we had to bring the shoot forward and I ended up vomiting on camera … how embarrassing!”
Far away from the football pitch, Sergio Goycochea’s charm has certainly won him the affection of the Argentinian public.