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Goal and FAP

FIFA’s Goal development programme and the Financial Assistance Programme (FAP) were founded to pursue the following objectives:
• To promote the game of football together with its fundamental principles and social, educational and cultural values around the world
• To nurture the further development of the member associations and the confederations from a technical and administrative perspective
• To seek parity in the standard and infrastructure of football in individual countries
• To promote the sustainable long-term development of the member associations and encourage solidarity between them
• To help the associations to fulfill their obligations as members of FIFA and participate in FIFA competitions
• To establish modern, functional and transparent football administrations

Having its own “house of football” or a technical centre builds an association’s autonomy and self-governance, guarantees its independence and serves as a protective shield against political interference.
The twelve FIFA development offices around the globe (in Botswana, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Guatemala, Malaysia, New Zealand, Paraguay, Russia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland and Trinidad &Tobago) help to bring the football world closer together. The heads of the development offices, their staff and regional experts are in constant contact with the member associations and know the association’s concerns and needs. The close relationship should not be underestimated since it gives the associations the certainty that FIFA is there to provide them with long-term and united support with football administration work. The FIFA development offices stand for cohesion and continuity in football development work.