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In an action–packed twelve months, the pinnacle of the 804 men’s internationals in 2006 came in Berlin with the FIFA World Cup TM final, while a record of 448 matches were played in the women’s game.

From Aarhus to Zurich and Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, 2006 was a year packed full of football action at international level. In the men’s game, it was clear from the very start that the highlight would be the 64 games of the FIFA World Cup TM in Germany, which attracted immense interest around the globe and, in doing so, overshadowed even the big events at continental level such as the 2006 African Cup of Nations at the start of the year and the opening rounds of EURO 2008 qualifiers towards the end. The total of 804 men’s international matches involving 186 nations is a handsome figure. As for the women’s game, the 448 matches that were played smashed the record set in 2003 and not only that but also more teams (134) took to the field last year than ever before.