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For the game For the world

According to the second Big Count survey conducted by FIFA among its then 207 associations last year, some 270 million people around the world are actively involved in our sport either as players, coaches, referees, elected officers or sport doctors. Using a detailed questionnaire, FIFA pinpointed how many footballers are playing in each category, how many coaches were coaching every level, who was running which team and who was officiating which matches. Add on the family members and close friends who accompany players to matches or who fret alongside them in the stands or support them in all sorts of ways and the total amount of people involved is even more-boggling. Well over one billion people are involved in football in one way or another – regardless of class or borders.
And why is that? The answer is quite simple. During the past thirty years, FIFA has channeled its energy into development in the game of football. Thanks to the financial resources it has at its disposal both now and in the future, FIFA is in a position to take a huge step forward and make a major contribution to the development of society at large through football.
The underlying principles of our efforts are the FIFA Statutes and the fundamental values of authenticity, unity, performance and integrity. Authenticity means that football should remain a simple, fascinating game for everyone concerned. Unity helps to further solidarity throughout the entire football community, regardless of ethnic roots, gender, language or religion. Performance is important, as football can only preserve and continue to spread its appeal if it is also played at the very highest level and as an unparalleled emotional experience. Integrity is indispensable, as our sport – and FIFA as the governing body – should set examples in fair play, tolerance and transparency.
It is upon these very values that FIFA has built its mission to develop the game, touch the world and build a better future. We intend to achieve all this for the game – and for the world as whole. These values, this mission and this intention are not mere buzzwords but will be deeds realized at every level of the football pyramid, starting with the players themselves and stretching from the clubs to the leagues, the associations and the confederations.
Our new slogan is therefore For the game. For the world. It implies both opportunity and challenge – an opportunity for us as a football community to help build a better future and a challenge to fulfil our social responsibility, while at the same time safeguarding our game and organizing world championships.
Let us tackle the job – together.