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Football News – Argentina

The squad of famous Mexican club Cruz Azul includes Uruguayan Richard Nunez and Argentinian Cesar Delgado, two strikers who recently caused uproar when they claimed after a match against league rivals Toluca that information about Cruz Azul’s tactics had been leaked to their opponents before the match. “There’s a spy inside our camp,” said Nunez. To back up the allegations, Deigado drew attention to the fact that Toluca’s Paraguayan defender Paulo da Silva had played on the left-hand side. “He’s never done that before. He always plays in the middle.” However, Nunez and Delgado do not think that the informant is one of their club’s players or coaches. Interestingly, Cruz Azul still managed to win the game 3-1, with Delgado scoring his team’s second goal in the 83rd minute and Nunez the third in the 89th!