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Flood Of Tears

Thousands of admirers of Robert Fontanarrosa’s works turned out to pay their last respects to him in his hometown, Rosario, where he had always lived. Endless tears rolled down the cheeks of the entire American continent on 29 July 2007 in recognition of the affection he had won through his simple nature, his original stories and his amusing cartoons.
Football had been a central theme of his work, as, for instance, in his highly amusing novel El Area 18, his books Puro Futbol (Pure Football) and No te vaya, Campeon (Don’t go away, champion) as well as his eye¬catching cartoons. Despite being diagnosed with the debilitating illness, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which left him practically immobile, El Negro Fontanarrosa managed to keep on working.
Fontanarros lives on in each of his three novels, twelve books of short stories, sixty volumes of cartoons and in every game of football, where his genius will always evoke a smile despite the enormous sadness his death has caused.