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The president of the Colombian football association (FCF), Luis Bedoya, has announced two major projects to be carried out between now and the end of his mandate in 2010, the creation of a training and development centre for youth teams and a new association headquarters comprising offices, training pitches and facilities for the senior national team. Colombia will implement both plans with assistance from the Goal Programme (the first project has already been approved). The projects will be located in the Colombian capital, Bogota, for which an agreement in principle to provide land has already been sealed with the national and city governments.
Colombia is one of the few countries in South America that does not yet have a training centre for its national team. “We are good in footballing terms, but I am sorry to say that our association is weak,” admitted Bedoya. “Consequently, besides qualifying for South Africa 2010, our objective is to build these facilities and give our association financial solidity.” Bedoya also noted that the FCF is becoming more professional in all areas. “As a result, we have made significant progress in marketing and have improved our resources. We have overcome some financial problems and today the association is doing well in that sense, but we must grow and consolidate.” The president of competitive football in Colombia explained that most of the association’s resources are invested in the national teams. Both categories have established technical staff. The senior team is coached by Jorge Luis Pinto and a group of teachers; the youth teams have been coached for some time by Eduardo Lara, the man with the best knowledge of children’s and youth football in the country. Bedoya, who recently turned 48, will be in office until 28 August 2010.