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Claudio Borghi

In the space of only 18 months, Claudio Borghi has led top Chilean club Colo Colo to three championship titles. After winning the apertura and clausura in 2006, the club went on to complete a hat trick with another triumph in the 2007 apertura. By pocketing their 26th league title, Colo Colo have also qualified for the 2007-08 Copa Libertadores. The thought, however, fills Borghi with horror as the 42-year-old Argentine is afraid of flying. It does not stop him from taking the plane – he has no choice given the huge distances in South America – but long-distance travel has always been a nightmare for the coach. Borghi used to drink whisky and take tranquillisers to stifle his phobia – but without much success. More recently he has been listening to a CD with a soothing female voice coaxing him to take it easy, close his eyes and relax. If all goes well, Borghi falls asleep and does not wake up until the plane has landed.