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Awards and honours

IOC member Denis Oswald also greeted the Congress in the name of the Olympic movement and on behalf of IOC President Jacques Rogge, who was in Africa. Rita Fuhrer, the President of the government of the canton of Zurich, welcomed the Congress attendees on behalf of the authorities by saying that, “The canton of Zurich is proud to be in the centre circle of a football pitch that spans the entire world”. She also praised FIFA for its work in the “Football for Hope” programme and for how the governing body accepted its responsibility to society, and particularly towards people that “society has already given up on”. The Swiss football association – one of FIFA’s seven founding members – also greeted the delegates.
Sweden’s Lennart Johansson and Scotland’s David Will were named as Honorary FIFA Vice-Presidents during an emotional ceremony that also saw the title of Honorary FIFA Member bestowed upon Germany’s Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder and Costa Rica’s Isaac Sasso Sasso (Costa Rica), although the latter was unfortunately unable to attend due to health reasons.