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An earthly dream

An earthly dream
The voice of Robert Pires, who plays for Villareal in Spain, can be heard in “Temps de Foot”. Toulouse striker Brian Bergougnoux, Lion’s Hoda Lattaf, who plays for the French women’s national team, Stade Rennais’ young defender Gregory Bourillon and many others have also climbed on board. The 1980s U-21 French team captain Jean-Philippe Delpech went even further – he even joined the “Trimaran” company. The company then moved lock, stock and barrel to the region of Toulouse, from where Jean-Philippe hails.
“Le Trimaran”s popularity is now spreading everywhere. First the local media sang its praises; the sounds were then echoed in the regional media and now the company’s performances are being acclaimed throughout the country. “We have even appeared on French televisions’ channel one regular feature at 8 o’clock in the evening. It was incredible,” exclaims Tournu-Romain. The troupe moves from the show to the next, spreading the world around the French provinces. At schools and in football clubs – but not just there. They also go to social integration centers, commercial companies and colleges. They even performed “Temps de Foot” in a prison – a compelling and moving experience. Raymond Domenech took part in the performance.
The values for which “Le Trimaran” stands are universal. Of course, Staphane Tournu-Romain is now dreaming of “conquering” the world – in the humane sense of the word, of course. The troupe has already performed in England and Germany but that is only the beginning. “I would love to put on a spectacle during an event such as the EURO or the FIFA World Cup,” he admits. Stephane is not hankering after international acclaim. Glory is not his cup of tea. It is just that he has complete faith in his mission – advocating non-violence and defending the values of football, the sport he adores.