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A year of changes at the top

With continental championships and qualifying matches galore, 2007 had it all and this certainly left its mark on the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking. All in all, the leadership of the World Ranking changed six times with Argentina ending the year in pole position, thus winning the title of “Top Team 2007″.
Although December’s ranking is relatively unchanged, a number of teams’ stock has risen considerably over the last twelve months. In the top ten Spain (4th, up 8) and Croatia (10th, up 5) have gained in terms of both position and points, while close behind them Greece (11th, up 5), Scotland (14th, up 11), Turkey (16th, up 10), Colombia (17th, up 17) and Bulgaria (18th, up 25) have clearly improved compared to last year.
Meanwhile, Mozambique are the highest climbers after amassing 245 points and rising to 75th place (up 53), thus earning themselves the title of “Best Mover 2007″. Norway’s gain of 240 points puts them just behind the Mambas and has also seen them shoot up the ranking (29th, up 21). The third-highest climbers are New Caledonia from the Oceania Football Confederation, whose haul of 220 points has seen them jump 58 places to 118th place.