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57th FIFA Congress, Zurich, 30 and 31 May 2007 p2

Prior to Bin Hammam’s address, the President had looked back upon various decisions that FIFA had taken in recent years to make football stronger, such as its efforts to promote women’s football and to include players in the decision-making process by signing a memorandum of understanding with FIFPro, the international players’ organization. Blatter also described the decision passed by the FIFA Congress in Zurich in 2000 with regard to introducing a rotation system to take the FIFA World Cup TM to each confederation in turn as a ?milestone’. “That decision made it possible to give the 2010 World Cup to the African continent and to South Africa. The World Cup will definitely be held there. Plan A is South Africa, and so is plan B, C and D.” CAF President and FIFA Vice-President Hayatou (Cameroon) will be the chairman of the Organizing Committee for the FIFA World Cup TM.
Blatter also issued an appeal for the G-14 clubs to withdraw all of their claims and to incorporate themselves in the football pyramid through their confederation: “We believe in dialogue, not confrontation.”
Blatter also touched upon FIFA’s legal dispute with MasterCard regarding the awarding of partnership rights in the financial service category and pledged that, “Even though this pending dispute will cost FIFA considerable money, we will not restrict our financial support, as we will continue to use 70 per cent of our resources for development programmes and competitions.” At the same time however, he also urged the associations not to merely to take FIFA’s money, but also take an active role in promoting their own development.